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Dialogue 1

M: How's a budget for the Adam's project?

F: We're still drafting the final budget, but it seems like we'll have quite a buffer. Don't worry about going over budget for supplies, our funds are more than enough.

M: Are you sure? Last year we went over by 30% on suppliers alone, the financial department was out of my head.

F: They remembered last year's mistake and alarm it , this year they've taken last year's spending into consideration, they've given you adequate fund this year.

M: That's good to know, other than the supplies budget, we still have overhead cost, where did the extra money come from to cover supplies.

F: Actually, it did come from the overhead, most of those materials are still left over from last year, so we anticipate reusing them, we cut corners a bit.

M: That might be a problem, have you looked at what was left from the last year? Many of the pieces are in bad shape, they might not be reuseble. Perhaps you should alert the budget committee before it's too late, we may need more money.

F: I'll talk to them and see what can be arranged.

Dialogue 2

M: How much do you have budget for our trip to Las Angeles?

F: In total, it should be about five thousand dollors for the week conference, would you like to see the breakdown?

M: Yes, I want to know exactly where the money is going, give me a detailed report.

F: First, we have the airline tickets which are five hundred dollars per person with four of us going, that's two thousand dollars, for our accommodations, we're spending eighty dollars a night per room for five days, that's another eight hundred dollars.

M: Won't you be able to find anything less expensive, we're sharing rooms, right?

F: I have two people to a room, the eighty dollars room rate is the lowest I could find. With the conferece going on that week, all the hotels have inflated their prices, they're making a killing.

M: So far, we've had twenty-eight hundred dollars, what else?

F: I have budget of twenty-five dollars per peron per day for food expenses, that totals another eight hundred dollars, and for other incidentals like taxe fees and tips, I have estimated four hundred dollars.

M: Well, that's only four thousand dollars, didn't tell me you budget was five thousand dollars? Where is the rest of money?

F: That's my buffer, I wanted to leave a little room in the budget just in case, it's better to be safe and thorough.

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